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Looking for starting a business in Malaysia?  Having difficulty on setting up a company in Malaysia?  Worried on how to register a company in Malaysia?  Can’t open a bank account?  Don’t know how to plan for your taxes in Malaysia?

That’s just where the start is.  It’s no doubt that doing businesses have its barriers to entry in every part of the world, particularly Asia.  Somehow some of these barriers are not necessary if you start with the right partner.  Steve & Co Asia is a Chartered Accountants Group that guides you with useful information for effective decisions at the same time serves your business needs holistically while doing businesses in Asia.

Some of the common questions business people faces when doing business in Malaysia are:-

  • How much to set up a company? What’s the cost to maintain it?
  • What does a company secretary do?  Why are we paying them a retainer fee?
  • Can I have a 100{770267eab5384c11494716c8a4dc91f1053e4390d309cf63923fcc1c2cf7aadb} foreign owned company in Malaysia?  What’s the purpose of using nominee directorship
  • Do I need to have a working / business VISA to do business in Malaysia?
  • How can I open a bank account?  Can I do a TT transfer overseas using online banking?
  • What do I do when I commence my business and start hiring employees?
  • Why do I need to do audit in Malaysia?
  • How much is the tax rate between company and personal?
  • What’s the compliance to maintain a company every year? How many government departments I need to comply with all the requirements?
  • How to close down a company properly?
  • What will happen if I left the country with my company still lingering on?

The list will go on and on… and worse you do not have an immediate consistent answer to these…

We at Steve & Co Asia specialises in helping you to set up companies and do businesses in Malaysia with ease by saving your time towards all the compliance requirements from authorities and providing quick answers that serve your business needs holistically.

OUR Services

We offer a wide range of professional corporate services such as Company Incorporation, Account Outsourcing, Tax Consultation, Company Secretary, Office Facilitation etc.

    incorporation services
    Here at Steve & Co Asia We will help you to register your new company in Malaysia, We practice no lock in period and no exit fees for Malaysia Company Setup.
    Tax Consultation Services
    We provide tailored tax compliance services to meet your business needs, with specific technical advice or a fully outsourced tax compliance service.
    Office Facilitation
    For most businesses, it’s crucial to have access to good meeting room facilities that could impress clients. Steve & Co Asia could provide you all kind of standard and professional office facilities.
    account / payroll outsourcing
    At Steve & Co Asia, We offer a comprehensive range of accounting and book keeping services for your newly established or existing company within a reasonable time frame.
    Auditing Services
    Our partners in Steve & Co Asia comprises of a group of qualified and experience independent auditors who may accommodate a scalable and extensive range of audit engagement services.
    Corporate Secretarial Services
    In Steve & Co Asia, the company secretarial services will be render responsive services under the most stringent standard of professional and business ethics to our clients.

What Makes Us Different

With our approach to Business Services, our methods continue to be proven in a continuous challenging marketplace with delivering what we promise.

We are a professional team

We’ll give you reliable and useful insights to work around your business undertakings at every stage

Five-star support team

We strive to provide you with fast turn around time answers to all your needs

Fully Integrated service

As a dynamic professional group, we are able to offer a one stop integrated service beyond accounting

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