Nominee Director Services in Malaysia

Hiring a knowledgeable and skilled person as a local director for your Malaysia company is  a foremost thing to do. Steve & Co Asia is one of the best choices in Malaysian market as it provides you the nominee director services at a reasonable cost at the same time with most effective services. Opting for a unsuitable person will result in terrible outcome in your company.
based on our search if your company profile is not extremely good enough we will completely ignore our association and there is a chance of increase in fees or security deposit if the profile is mediocre good. Presently we have offers for the Nominee Director Services. For this service, we only collect the amount of RM5,000 as a security deposit for single director. And this price is applicable only if your company is reputable when we do the overall research about your company. No charge for the search. You should meet our simple expectation of submiting your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.

Note the latter applies only if your company comes under the following terms:

  • The company annual income should be more than RM 500,000.
  • More external amount due, if any.
  • High share capital.
  • The company should have or apply to operations license.
  • The company appointed more employees including local and foreigners in Malaysia.


The company whose annual income is more than RM 500,000 needs to register for GST Voluntary or Compulsory, and required to pay  an extra security deposit of RM10,000. If the company income is more than RM500,000 then it is necessary to register the GST.


Please make a note that, if you are born or a resident or have any relation with the countries under US sanctions list, we will not able to provide the acting Company Nominee Director.  Know more about the list in Sanctions Programs and Country Information. After the search, if we got to know that you come under the Sanctions Program list of US then your deposited amount will be not refundable and your company also will be shut down.

Every company required a director who should be the resident of Malaysia.

All details of Malaysia Company like Directors and Shareholders, share capital, registered address and incorporation date are made  available to see for all people via SSM.


Including nominee director, all directors possess little heavy duties and responsibilities. The charges for Company liquidation is to be paid by the nominee director if the foreign client is not in touch for a very long time. Our Service of the Nominee Director will be offered by the knowledgeable and expert staff. For the purpose of Nominee Directors’ interests safety, until he is active, we keep the security deposit with us.

You can always start your company along with our Service of Nominee Director, if you do not possess the Malaysian resident as a director under Malaysia Companies Act.

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