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Nowadays, call for Malaysian company incorporation services has been quite increased. To know more, Click  Why Setup Company in Malaysia. We at Steve & Co Asia comprehend the reason behind the corporate attentiveness of Malaysia.

With the help of Secretary of a  certified company only, you can incorporate a company with Companies Commission of Malaysia which is SSM. Steve & Co Asia will help you to get registered of your business in Malaysia as it is company formation agent of Malaysia and also registered with SSM.


About Malaysia company registration, we want to list out our skills out of that. We help you to open up a new company in Malaysia because we are the leading providers with most distinctive position and will provide you with good assemble of formation agents services in a affordable prices.

We always try our best to be Malaysia leading corporate service provider and we are highly accepted and known by the Regulatory, Authorities and Professionals Bodies. We got an award from Malaysia brands as Malaysia Brands Awards Winner. And we have been specially picked for the Best Company Registration Specialist of the Year in Malaysia.


Very important thing in the formation of the company in Malaysia, is you should choose the correct team who are able to provide the best services. We at  Steve & Co Asia, the leading service provider have a best team including Accountants registered and certified by MIA and MIASCA registered company secretaries, CTM registered tax agents, GST agents who are approved by the Finance Ministry and MIHRM registered and recognized HR staff. We assign the above whole qualified team to fulfil your needs in the incorporation of the new company in Malaysia.


To know more about Steve & Co Asia, please refer Why Steve & Co Asia company incorporation packages are the best in Malaysia.



To help in a register of a company in Malaysia for local business  as well as for foreign investors we are the premier service provider who can incorporate the companies in Malaysia.


We welcome you to register Sdn Bhd in Malaysia


If you are from Malaysia then to know further details regarding company registration services you can visit our offices during our business hours. Without delaying, if you want to register your company as soon as possible, then we will suggest you to make an advance booking for visit.

Like many other companies we do not encourage latch in period and exit fees as we have hope that you will stay throughout the process or also even after registration with us by visualizing our best services for the your new company set up in Malaysia.


Under the Companies Act 2016, Incorporation of a company in Malaysia

In general, Malaysian business is mostly taking over by Company Limited by Shares because they give the minimal responsibilities to its shareholders or partners.

Requirements to form a company in Malaysia

Below are the few requirements to form a company in Malaysia,

  • Paid up capital starts from RM 1.
  • At least one subscriber must be there to the shares of the company.
  • One person should be appointed who can act as director and he should be of 18 years of age staying in Malaysia. He should not have any criminal record as well as not arrested or in jail or with any debts in his past five years. If you pay extra charges then Steve & Co Asia will provide you Nominee director services to choose a person for director.
  • Must have one Company Secretary who can be either licensed by the SSM or a representative of authorized bodies. In case of you needed, with extra charges Steve & Co Asia will provide you Company Secretarial Services.
  • To address all communication and notices it is necessary to have registered office or secretarial office in Malaysia. This is also part of Company Secretarial Services.


To get the clear picture of how to register the company in Malaysia and  what are the services we are providing, you can see the video of our company incorporation services.


To know  more details of Steve & Co Asia services packages details you can refer our services.


Once you step at  Steve & Co Asia, We will promise you the complete end to end  company registration  process with all laws, regulations and statues which are existing at present

of a company in Malaysia.  So you no need to think much about Company SDN BHD registration  once you come to us. you can proffer your energy for other difficult tasks like finance, marketing and strategic planning that approaching you while setting up a new SDN BHD venture.

So, easily everyone can register their business in Malaysia with the help of Steve & Co Asia.


Below is  a company SDN BHD incorporation packages for the local business people residing in Malaysia. If you are not from Malaysia ? Are you in need of nominee director services? So, then no need to worry, you can refer other Malaysia company registration services packages.


The following will be included in the standard Malaysia incorporation services packages –


  • For register company in Malaysia, name search of suggested names is unlimited.
  • For 2 times, you can reserve your company name for registration with SSM.
  • You will get approval letter to use the proposed name
  • The range of paid capital is from RM 1 to RM 1,000
  • To get name registration with SSM fee of RM 1,000 is necessary.
  • After registration should submit the form to SSM.
  • For First Board directors meeting  plan the various proposals in prior.
  • Facilitate to open upto 2 free bank accounts for the company.
  • Make ready original and certified copies of incorporation documents (at least 2 sets).
  • We will provide you incorporation consulting and advisory services with Free of cost.
  • Our Tax Director from Big Four provide Free of cost tax planning and GST advice.
  • We will provide you the display name tag for the registered office with Free of cost.
  • Domain name “.com” registration is also Free for one year.
  • There will be an extra charge of RM1,000 (W/GST $106) per person if a company in Malaysia with shareholders and directors has more than 2 persons or offices.
  • No exit fees and no latch in period to register a company in Malaysia.

Our Secretarial Services Package fee is includes the following:-


  • Help you with our professional staff (Malaysian) who named as “Corporate secretary”
  • We will safeguard the Company seal if any.
  • We will maintain the Minutes and Minutes book.
  • Guide you to matters related to statutory/secretarial/compliance/accounting/GST/tax.
  • Make sure the whole process is in accordance with legal requirements according to the Companies Act and Income Tax Act and keep tracking and updating you with mail alerts.


The following includes in the provision of registered office address –


  • Based on your request Statement of Letter will be provided.
  • Incoming General Fax services provided at FREE of cost. (Local outgoing fax-RM1/page, Overseas outgoing fax-RM2/page)
  • Based on your request, Scanning letter services also provided FREE of cost.
  • Daily letter or parcel notifications sent through the mail freely.
  • No fee for collecting mail and parcel in business hours (9am to 6pm) from Monday to Friday.
  • Provide you the receipts for mails, air mails, parcels (below 3 kg) or registered mails.
  • Also courier arrangement or mail forwarding for any addresses is available daily/weekly/monthly basis with service fee of RM 1.


Steve & Co Asia knows very well  that you are eager to register and start the company SDN BHD  in Malaysia at once. We are ready to help you and to take responsibility for all your needs and all the required services needed for the new company to start. Do not stop your dreams for small and minor issues or problems in Company’s Registration. Believe Steve & Co Asia then we will help you with your Company Setting up in a fast and efficient manner with affordable and excellent service packages which you will not  get anywhere in Malaysia. Steve & Co Asia is the one-stop solution which provides the best packages for the service of company incorporation.


Why Steve & Co Asia offer you at this price for company registration Malaysia?

  • As mentioned above, we want us to be an one-stop solution to our clients and offer them services with efficiency, effectiveness and economy.
  • To get register a SDN BHD company in Malaysia we only use customised secretarial and latest technologies and CRM software.
  • To start your company in Malaysia you need extensive help from us because you deserve the same. We know you and your dream that is why this is the first thing for providing the services with best prices.


To register a company in Malaysia becomes best, inexpensive and easy never before in Malaysia !


Our office building top facilitates the  security systems with control  in and out gate along with security guards. Our 3-tier  security system will monitor 24 hours and also we possess team of armed men who will be responsibility to take care of  the loss of secretarial file, burn off the secretarial file or stolen off the secretarial file.


Information Required For Malaysia Company Registration

The following information should be submitted to incorporate a company, through mail at

  • Choose company names with meaning.
  • Present Company’s main business activities.
  • All directors and shareholders NRIC and passport photocopies.
  • Proof of all directors latest residential addresses like utility bills. (if different from IC)
  • Information of paid-up capital
  • Contact numbers and email of all directors and shareholders with their designation.
  • Each shareholders percentage of their shareholding


To set up a private limited company in Malaysia at least one director from  Malaysia is needed. Also non Malaysians with Resident Talent Pass (RPT) / permanent resident (PR) / MM2H holder can also be qualified for the post.


If the shareholder is a corporate organisation, you need to provide their copy of related documents like Incorporation certificate, MMA (Memorandum & Articles of Association/Constitution) and Certificate of Incumbency or any other equivalent document.

If their partners also a Corporate shareholder, you have to provide the same set of documents mentioned above. To identify the eventual individual shareholder(s), this process in compulsory. You also have to submit the details of all corporate person who are all on behalf of shareholders along with their acceptance in written form.




  1. You can the required information to
  2. To check whether the chosen company name is available, name search is carried out and will let you know within 24 hours. (please refer to Guide to select your Company Name )
  3. Send an email with chosen name and all other required information along with our company set up fees payment receipts.
  4. After receiving the payment receipts the chosen name will be booked for you.
  5. We keep ready the full set of registration documents after the name is endorsed by SSM.
  6. All the directors and shareholders’ signing of documents will be done at the Steve & Co Asia office.
  7. After signing, we will continue the further process to company incorporate with SSM.
  8. SSM will issue the Incorporation Notification.
  9. We will send you the mail with all documents after incorporated the company with SSM for your documentation purpose.


If you want to know more or if you have any queries about SDN BHD company setting up or Company Search in Malaysia, you can send mail at  and you will get the answer within 24 hours.


From Steve & Co Asia’s past work, registering the Malaysian company with SSM which is  the whole incorporation process of  Malaysia Company will take around 5-7 days. Steve & Co Asia’s style is always to make registration of Malaysia Company within one working day from the date of sign by the director and shareholders on the registration documents of the Malaysian Company at the Steve & Co Asia office. Along with the availability and solidity of SSMs MyCoID online system, Incorporation registration process is completely depends on the correctly filled up relevant documents given.


More information about Malaysia company formation

For more information about Malaysia company SDN BHD form incorporation refer to our Quick Answers page to clear your enquiries.

To know How to form the business or about business registration you can see Guide to Malaysia company Registration.

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