Incorporation Services

Incorporation Services in Malaysia

Malaysia is the 6th ranked country in the world by the world bank for its popularity in the trouble-free and smooth-running businesses. This shows the clear picture of Malaysia’s economic growth change which in turn attracts many foreigners to start many ventures. In addition to that, well planned locations, stability, inexpensive living with lots of business investment chances increase the call for formation of companies in Malaysia. At Steve & Co Asia, we understand the problems and difficulties to start a business and so we are happy to help you to start your business. We will feel happy to help SME not only in their business growth but also by facing all the problems while setting up the business.

Company incorporation Services in Malaysia

Steve & Co Asia can help you to register the new business in Malaysia without any extra costs or any concealed fees. To set up the Malaysia Company, we do not charge any latch-in period and exit fees. If you choose Secretarial Services Package, you can take benefits of our services at  this attractive price . Only at Steve & Co Asia, you can find this most stunning package!

Based on Steve & Co Asia earlier experiences, the entire process of Malaysia company Registration with SSM  will take around 5-7 days. According to the Steve & Co Asia style of work, registration can be done within one working day of Company from the date of the signing of the incorporation documents by the directors and shareholders  at Steve & Co Asia office.


Registration Packages for Malaysia Company

As we already said, at Steve & Co Asia, we have the ability of company registration within one working day after the signing by the directors and shareholders on the incorporation documents at our office. It’s our goal to provide best efficient, economic and effective service to the clients. Steve & Co Asia knows very well  that you are very eager to register and start the company in Malaysia at once. We are ready to help you and to take responsibility for all your needs and all the required services needed for the new company to start. Please visit our page for the more information in detail.


Service of Nominee Director

All companies should have more than one directors and they should be the resident of Malaysia. In Malaysian company details like Directors and shareholders, share capital, incorporation date, and registered address are open to see by all people via SSM.

We, Steve & Co Asia, now offering the Services of Nominee Director at a reasonable price. We will perform the research in whereabouts of the company and if the company is reputable we will provide you for two directors,RM10,000 only as the security deposit. We will carry out the search process without any charge. Also you have to provide your KYC documents.


Guidance for Opening Corporate Bank Account

As Steve & Co Asia have many past experiences and already earned good name in the formation of new business in Malaysia,  we also guide you to open the bank account. We have an excellent past work  in  this and helped the Outside clients from Malaysia to open the bank accounts easily.  It can be made more easy, if you have already a overseas holding company as a finance backup.


Company Setup in Labuan

A Labuan company is one of the outstanding organization for business which is formed in a low tax sovereignty. All the companies able to possess Malaysia employment visas for staff and this is the main plus point  to set up business on this island.  Before 26 years, Labuan has been formed as an international offshore financial and banking center. Malaysia offers tax rate of less than 3% for this island..

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